Beware: You Might Be Dating This Kind Of Guy

dating-narcissistic-guy2In your desperation to find a date, you might just end up with this kind of guy. This kind of guy could be handsome and irresistible. He could even be the kind of guy that your parents will love. This guy could be perfect, at least for the moment. But the flaws will eventually start to show and if you’re super unlucky, the flaws might just come up sooner than expected.

Who Is This Guy?

This kind of guy is self-centered. At first you may think he’s someone that’s super confident. You are in awe of his success and he just seems to be infallible. And just like any damsel in distress, you think he is your prince charming. Then eventually all the signs start to show. Before you know it, he may just be suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder. Here are the signs to look out for.

He Thinks Everything Is About Him

At first, everything seems to be pretty exciting. You’re finally dating someone that’s smart, successful, and yes, interesting. He is just so interesting that you are so amazed with all his stories (mostly about himself).

Suddenly, you’re part of his world and you can’t seem to grasp the grandeur and even the immensity of it. You are so drawn into his world until you wake up one day and realize that you have lost your own world. He has absorbed every bit of you and at the end, you’re just that someone by his side. Everything has been about him that you’ve lost everything that’s about you.

So how do you spot this kind of guy? Well, if he spends the whole night talking about himself then maybe you shouldn’t look any further than the first date.

He Needs A Spotlight All The Time

This guy loves the spotlight. He looks around and makes sure his presence is felt. At first, this may impress you. After all, he is someone very successful. But eventually, you will just end up as the captain of his cheering squad team, always reinforcing how good he is.

When you do attempt to give him your piece of mind , he will turn to you and say. “What do you know?” You see, this guy cannot take any kind of criticism well. He’s just too good for anybody, including himself. He will only listen to other people if what’s being said about him is positive. That’s just the kind of guy he is. The spotlight should always be on him.

How do you spot this kind of guy? Well, if he’s the kind of guy that’s always checking himself out in the mirror, then maybe you should just have one drink with him.

But seriously, you need to spot this kind of behavior soon and one way to tell is by viewing his Facebook account. You’re not going to be stalking him. You’ll only check out how he handles himself online. Is he yelling out every single accomplishment? Is he bragging online? While those can sound a little too funny, they are pretty much the warning signs that you should seriously take into consideration.

He Finds Mistakes In Others

Now this guy is just too good and perfect that everybody around him is always wrong. He can’t seem to handle the next big idea from somebody else including you. This kind of guy will put everybody (including you!) down so he can look good.

Now, this trait may be hard to spot on the first date. But he if he is treating the people around him like his entourage, then that’s a warning sign. Take a good look at how he treats the bartender and the food servers. If he just can’t seem to be satisfied and finds everything wrong with them, then it’s time to say good night!

He’s More Concerned About What Other People Will Say

Well he loves the spotlight, right? So that pretty much shows how much he needs to be admired by other people. This kind of guy wants and needs approval and admiration from everybody, including you! He is envious of other people’s success. So that means that you cannot be any better than he is.

So how do you spot this kind of guy? Well if he doesn’t show any sign of interest in what you do for a living, then it’s time say good bye!

Remember, it’s better to spot these traits now before it’s too late. This kind of guy suffers from some kind of personality disorder and it’s not your job to save him. So beware of this kind of guy.


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