Ever Wonder What Men Look For In A Woman?

men-find-in-womenWho isn’t curious about what men really look for in a woman? I know I am. There are times when I see a couple and I ponder really hard as to what that guy sees in that woman. Not that I think there’s something with the woman, I’m just really curious as to what makes her stand out to the guy.

What is it that guys see that we don’t. According to Samantha Daniels, a dating expert and author of Matchbook, there are eight traits that a man looks for in a woman. In my opinion, these eight traits depict the woman to be the following:

A Positive and Happy Woman

It’s understandable that men want their woman to be oozing with positive and happy energy. I mean, who would want to be dragged down with negative thoughts and energy? Having a nice, genuine smile can really do wonders for our man.

A Caring and Sensitive Woman

I know caring and sensitive sound too broad. But in my opinion, men want a woman to be caring enough to know what’s going on; at the same time, to be sensitive enough to know when to back off.

I’ve seen more than enough couples where the woman seems to know so much more about the guy’s life. For example, she gets too involved with the guy’s job that she makes comments that can somehow be very damaging to the guy. I think there’s really a thin line between caring enough to know what’s going on in a guy’s life and backing off when it’s time.

Is it our mother instinct? I really don’t know!

An Understanding Woman

Again, this is another general trait. How understanding do we have to be? A man wants a woman that’s understanding enough to forgive him; at the same time, understanding enough to forget everything. Hmmmm, that sounds easier said than done.

An Intelligent Woman that Knows When to be Sexy

It’s a fact that men love hot women. But when it comes to their woman, she should know how to be sexy for him and only him.

A Woman that Knows How to Empower her Man

Men want a woman that can make him feel good. Hence, they look for a woman that can address this particular need of theirs to feel smart, good, and awesome. There’s just no doubt that men want to be adored. But here’s the thing, so do women!

A Woman that can Interact on her Own

I think every woman knows this. Men like it when they see that their woman is able to move around and interact on her own. They just don’t like the clingy kind of women.

A Woman that Respects Space

Men need to have their space. They need their regular night-outs with their buddies. Hence, they want a woman that can understand this without making them feel guilty.

A Woman that can Easily Transform Herself

A man wants a woman that can easily transform into the following:

• A hot chick;
• An intelligent partner;
• A lovable and dependable girlfriend/wife; and
• A cute Miss Congeniality to his family and friends.

I must say that those eight traits will definitely make one heck of a woman!


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