Finally He Calls Just To Say Hi

dating-phone-callSo the date goes really well and you’re having a fantastic time. As the night ends, it’s time to say good bye. You’re keeping your fingers crossed, hoping he makes a follow up. Unfortunately, he doesn’t. Then you think to yourself, “Well, maybe he’ll call me.”

The next morning and the following mornings to come, you wait for that phone call. You think to yourself that he, too, had a great time. There’s just no reason for him NOT to call. Then you start to think again and again and again until you start entertaining the thought of you calling him instead. Of course, you chicken out and go back to your first thought that he, too, had a great time so he should call you.

Finally He Calls You!

A few more days after, you finally get the call that you’ve been waiting for. You’re excited but you don’t want to show it too much. Again, the two of you hit it off on the call. You’re keeping the call a little longer, hoping he asks you out. But he doesn’t.

What are you to do now? You’re absolutely sure that he’s also into you but why hasn’t he asked you out again?

The Mystery Goes On

This is one of the timeless mysteries of dating. Your date calls but doesn’t ask you out again. So you think, which is worse; not getting a call back at all or getting a call back but not getting a follow up date. It’s really mind boggling!

Of course, you’re tempted to ask him out yourself but you eventually chicken out.

What It All Means

It’s really puzzling to come up with a decent reason as to why he hasn’t asked you out. While he seems to enjoy calling you, he’s just not making a follow up.

According to Cherry Norris, a love expert, the guy may have had some kind of realization.

“Since your man is continuing to call you, it suggests to me that there may have been a shift on the date, where he went from seeing you as a romantic possibility to seeing you as a friend …”

While this may not be a comforting thought for you, it’s what it is; at least for the moment.

Should You Carry On?

Okay, so you’ve added another person to your long list of friends. But do you really need to have this new friend? Should you actually carry on with this new friendship?

Cherry has this to say.

“Yes, continue to take his phone calls. Be happy to hear from him”

Hopefully, this gives the guy enough time and space to change the way he sees you. Should that happen, he might just ask you out again.

Cherry adds this important piece of advice.

“In the meantime, keep dating other men!”

So you go back to the exhausting cycle of dating and waiting. But when that phone call comes, it sure wouldn’t hurt to answer it even if all he has to say is “hi”.